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ComPro.Finance announcement 04/01 Empty ComPro.Finance announcement 04/01

Fri Apr 02, 2021 12:04 am
ComPro.Finance announcement 04/01 Mmexpo10

  • The liquidity pool daily rewards reduced to 500,000 COPR /per day from April 01 24:00 AM (utc+Cool.

  • The new single COPR-lp  pledge  scheme is as follows:

Provide a total amount of 20 million COPR, 21 days opening period;

That is: close the pledge immediately after reaching any condition of 21 days or 20 million COPR pledge, and no longer accept new pledge.

Single currency pledge  rules:

Immediate pledge: 30 day pledge: 60 day pledge = 1x: 2x: 4x

COPR pledge can be added at any time during the opening period, and the COPR entered by pledge will recalculate the pledge period.

This event lasts for 21 + 60 days. After ComSwap release.The pledge will be released in advance to provide enough cUSD pledge for CMPP synthesis pool if the community agrees.

The new pledge will valid at 10:00 PM(UTC + Cool on April  02.

After the Dao governance is started, the proposal and vote will be decided by the community .

✅ Official information ✅

Official website link:

Telegram Chinese:

Telegram English:

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