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Update on the cross chain adjustment Empty Update on the cross chain adjustment

Sat Jun 12, 2021 1:47 am

1. COPR (HECO) will continue to provide single currency and LP staking rewards (HECO) before the official launch of ComSwap;

2. The staking reward on HECO chain will end by the time ComSwap launches, while BOPR (BSC)( mapped by COPR (HECO)) will be enabled to cast cUSD as one of the collateral assets;

3. Current BOPR/COPR liquidity pool will be disabled;

4. Add BOPR/COPR and BOPR/USDT BSC liquidity pools on ComSwap, and allow LP staking rewards for both pairs;

5. As stated in the whitepaper, all rewards are generated from:

5.1. Block reward of 150,000 COPR/day on BSC;

5.2. ComSwap’s trading fees;

it is proposal by community(heco).

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