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ComPro weekly report Empty ComPro weekly report

Mon Mar 15, 2021 11:13 am
1. About the team

  • Dr. Shao, who worked in the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, joined ComPro and will provide support for ComPro in the design of synthetic assets and ecological integration of international resources.

2. About products

  • The official website of ComPro has been upgraded and will be released this week;

  • It is expected that the interactive part of the MINT of ComPro will be upgraded this Friday to make it more fluent;

  • ComPro will update the white paper this week and interpret the design and use scenarios of synthetic assets for the community.

3. About Ecology

  • There are 16940 wallet addresses holder with ComPro;

  • ComPro will launch ComSwap's test network in April and support HECO and BSC's cross chain;

  • ComPro will provide the support for the innovation team's to design and distribution of synthetic assets on ComSwap.

4. About Dao

  • ComPro plans to deploy community proposals and votes in snapshot after the white paper is released. The community will participate in the decision-making of the innovation and development of ComPro;

  • The minute update of ComPro this week will support the COPR pledge and lockup for 7, 30, 60 and 90 days. The founding team of ComPro and seed investors are willing to lock up their COPR holdings to support the development of ComPro.
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